Platform Refresh: New Website, Control Panel, VM Plans & Scheduled Maintenance

4 Jul 2023


We’re thrilled to announce a brand-new website and control panel will be deployed along with several system upgrades this month.

Some of the new features you can expect to see include:

  • Hourly Billing (launch instances on demand with prepaid account credit)
  • Simplified Subscription Billing (for monthly, annual, & biennial payments using PayPal, Stripe)
  • Edge Cloud Firewall (filter traffic before it reaches VM)
  • Floating IPv4/v6 (easy management of assigned/add-on IPv4/v6)
  • Anycast IPv4/v6 (send test pings to
  • Private Network VLANs (private and secure internal networking)
  • Bandwidth Pooling (combine bandwidth from individual services)
  • Private Cloud (small to large scale custom deployments)
  • Scheduled & On-Demand Backups 
  • Uptime & Blacklist Monitoring 
  • SSH Key Management
  • Block Storage (in progress)
  • BGP Sessions (in progress)
  • Public API (in progress)

Reboots will be required for new software, adjustments, and optimizations necessary to implement some of the features listed above (and for some unlisted upgrades).

A short 1-hour maintenance window has been scheduled for:

  •  7/10/23 between 10:00AM and 11:00AM PST

Although the maintenance window is 1-hour, users shouldn’t expect more than 10 minutes of downtime for VMs to reboot with optimized domain configurations. Once systems are back online, guest machines will be running using IO_URING or SPDK to improve storage performance and OpenvSwitch/DPDK for optimized network connectivity.

Many users have sent feedback requesting shared vCPU VMs, and we’re excited to announce that three new lines of VM services are planned to launch with the new control panel: 

  • ACX (shared/limited vCPU)
  • AMX (memory optimized)

These new plans are only possible with the new control panel and will be available for purchase while data is migrated from the current/old billing and cloud control panels. The and control panels will remain online for new purchases and invoice payments until all remaining data is transferred.

These changes have been in development for over 2 years, but anything can go wrong. Backups are scheduled and your patience with any unexpected hiccups is greatly appreciated. 


  • Deploy Website: 7/4-7/6
  • Deploy Control Panel: 7/7-7/9
  • Deploy Control Panel Features: 7/10-7/19
  • Migrate Remaining Data: 7/19-7/31

As always, please feel welcome to contact us anytime with any questions.


Best regards,


MaxKVM Support